Access Control

Gain peace of mind about your business’ physical property with our comprehensive access control systems.

Commercial building access control has entered the realm of hightech over the last decade— you’re just as likely to call an IT company as you are a locksmith for door entry issues into office buildings throughout the Okanagan. 

While there is still a need for those brass jingly things we call, “keys,” they are better relegated to closets and bathrooms. Computerized and networked building access control is the way of the future. 

Access Control System Features:

  • Network-connected building access controls add an extra layer of security 
  • Simplify HR duties for new/dismissed employees with key tags, fobs, or cards for office entry and exit 
  • Scalable for additional smart-building features such as voice entry, elevator restriction, and wireless Aperio locksets 
  • Add 1000s of credentials for each controller