LEASING COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS Leasing Leasing is a great option for businesses that are aggressively expanding or making large capital expenditures and don’t have funds set aside for required communications equipment. While making budgeting simple, and keeping costs consistent, leasing puts your business back in charge of its cash reserves! This is a nice setup guide […]


PROS & CONS OF USING VOIP OVER PSTN So here we are in early 2015 and i thought we should have a discussion about the future of the PSTN and where we are going in the Thompson/Okanagan with VoIP telephone service. First a quick definition of the acronyms before we dive in. VoIP- (voice over […]

Hosted VoIP Can Help You Save Money While Enjoying Benefits of the Cloud

HOSTED VOIP CAN HELP YOU SAVE MONEY WHILE ENJOYING BENEFITS OF THE CLOUD VoIP is still an acronym that’s a mystery to some companies here in Canada who insist on staying analog with their phone systems. If you’ve avoided getting into VoIP, that mysterious acronym stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol.” As technical as it […]

Microsoft Lync and Hosted PBX: Pros and Cons

MICROSOFT LYNC AND HOSTED PBX: PROS AND CONS Microsoft Lync is an integrated multi-platform enterprise communications suite designed to work alongside Microsoft’s Office 365 Enterprise plans. The basic feature set for Microsoft Lync includes instant messaging, VOIP telephony and video conferencing, with all features available in a single interface. Companies may purchase client access licences […]


NEW SMARTWATCH FOR IPHONE There is always something new and interesting coming out especially during the X-mas season. Check out the new Smartwatch from Pebble! I usually don’t get overly excited about all of these gadgets but I have to admin I am actually considering buying one of these just for fun. Of course when […]


TIPS ON CONFERENCE CALLING Conference calls in business are, in my opinion, a “necessary evil”. With business spread out like it is with multiple offices and staff working from home you cannot expect to have as many meetings around the board room table as we did in the past. Add to this this the ever-increasing […]