Why Cybersecurity Is Essential For Your Company

WHY CYBERSECURITY IS ESSENTIAL FOR YOUR COMPANY Keep your workers, systems, and data safe from any threats with up-to-date cybersecurity Whether your organization is a small startup or a multinational enterprise, cybersecurity is one of those responsibilities that gets lost in other company priorities. But cybersecurity cannot be overlooked, and is more critical today than […]

LinkPoint Completes Acquisition of CONNECT Okanagan Telephone Ltd and CONNECT Information Technology Solutions Inc.

LINKPOINT COMPLETES ACQUISITION OF CONNECT OKANAGAN TELEPHONE LTD AND CONNECT INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS INC. Vancouver company LinkPoint, a leader in systems and IT management, has completed acquisition of CONNECT, an Okanagan-based telecom and managed IT support provider. Both Linkpoint and CONNECT will continue to serve their customers without any disruption, and are now positioned to […]

Everything You Need to Know About Windows 7 End of Life

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WINDOWS 7 END OF LIFE Upgrading from Windows 7 is an important business decision It’s been a good run, but Microsoft is pulling the plug on Windows 7. As of January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7, starting the end […]

CONNECT Awarded Contract to Provide Full IT Services for Prestige Hotels & Resorts

CONNECT AWARDED CONTRACT TO PROVIDE FULL IT SERVICES FOR PRESTIGE HOTELS & RESORTS CONNECT Okanagan Telephone is now providing support to 13 Prestige Hotels & Resorts CONNECT Okanagan Telephone, a leading provider of IT infrastructure and cloud services, is proud to announce that it was recently awarded the full IT support contract for Prestige Hotels […]

Video surveillance security systems for small businesses: To DIY or not to DIY

VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SECURITY SYSTEMS FOR SMALL BUSINESSES: TO DIY OR NOT TO DIY CCTV installation can be a challenge, so why not leave it to the experts?   If you’re a small business in the Okanagan that needs to install a video surveillance or security system, there’s a good chance you’ve scoped out the various Internet-based […]

What Does IT Support Look Like in 2019?

WHAT DOES IT SUPPORT LOOK LIKE IN 2019? How tech support people help companies manage IT The world of IT support has changed dramatically since “The IT guy” became commonplace in the late 90s. But while the methods and tools may have improved over the years, the life of an IT support technician today shares […]

Upgrade your business security with CONNECT’s video surveillance system

UPGRADE YOUR BUSINESS SECURITY WITH CONNECT’S VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM When you’re a business owner, there’s no better peace of mind than knowing that your property and physical assets are secure and protected. Here at CONNECT, security is a top priority – both computer network and physical building security. Video surveillance fits in under our commercial […]

Choosing the Best Antivirus Software for Your Business

CHOOSING THE BEST ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE FOR YOUR BUSINESS Does your business have the right antivirus protection? Regardless of what industry you’re in, antivirus software is absolutely vital. Your antivirus software helps ensure that your IT security can stand up to attackers. In the digital work environment, everyone should have strong IT and data security protocols […]

Avast: One of the Best Antivirus Platforms for Your Business

AVAST: ONE OF THE BEST ANTIVIRUS PLATFORMS FOR YOUR BUSINESS Is your business protected by an antivirus platform like Avast? Antivirus software is absolutely vital, regardless of what industry you’re in, to ensure that your IT security can stand up to attackers. In the modern, digital work business environment, everyone should have strong IT and […]