Does your business have the right antivirus protection?

Regardless of what industry you’re in, antivirus software is absolutely vital. Your antivirus software helps ensure that your IT security can stand up to attackers. In the digital work environment, everyone should have strong IT and data security protocols enforced. For small and medium sized businesses, cybersecurity is even more important. Attackers often prey on smaller organizations as they do not usually have the same level of security and monitoring a large company does. This makes them an attractive target for hackers. Don’t worry—there are plenty of great software options for ensuring that your antivirus and IT security.

McAfee: One of the most well-known antivirus programs, McAfee is cloud-based, making it a great solution to the problem of protecting remote devices and securing data, across multiple networks. It also comes with great email protection and daily vulnerability scanning to help find weak points in your IT network. The primary drawback with McAfee is its size. This robustness does a great job of keeping your IT security constant, but it does tend to slow computer performance.

Avast: Avast has many similarities to McAfee as it is also cloud-based, with an email protection to keep your inbox safe from phishing. With its tracking feature, files, attachments, and URLs being communicated on your network are scanned to protect you from secretive spyware or malware. There is less of a computer performance issue than with McAfee, however, Avast doesn’t have a mobile platform so its protection schema only applies to desktops.

Bitdefender: Bitdefender has two unique features in the antivirus field: its central console and its low price. The central console allows IT administrators to control and track remote users and develop security policies before applying them to users based on characteristics like location. This is a great feature which goes along with industry-consistent protection levels, all for a great price if your company has a thin budget.

Webroot: Webroot’s main advantage over the competition is its size. Taking up just 2MB of disk space, it can be installed in less than 10 seconds. As a cloud-based, all-in-one protection product, Webroot offers more than just great antivirus security. From excellent malware and browser protection to behaviour monitoring, it covers all the bases required for IT security in 2018. And since it’s cloud-based, updates take place automatically, which means you won’t have to feel guilty as you press “Update Tomorrow” every single day!

Here at CONNECT, we prefer Avast. Read why in our blog: Avast: One of the Best Antivirus Platforms for Your Business

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