Office 365 email allows you to connect to an IT provider to support your critical business communications.

There are a lot of options for email in the cloud, and making sense of things is often, well, cloudy.

However, one thing we know about email is that it’s still the world’s most used business telecommunications tool for both onsite and remote workers. Other communications tools will come and go, but email is not going away anytime soon.

It’s important, then, to make the right choice when selecting the best integrated email program for your office. You have a lot of options to choose from: Google’s G-Suite (Gmail), Office 365 email, Hosted Exchange, and even the POP/IMAP options offered from your Internet Service Provider (like your Shaw or TELUS email).

All have their benefits, but for today’s small to medium sized business, one solution stands out.

Here’s why Office 365 email is probably the right choice for your business.

Staying in Sync

First, Office 365 email allows you to work anywhere and collaborate easily on Microsoft documents and spreadsheets in real-time. We’ve written about the full Office 365 product before, and you may want to check out what makes it so useful here.

Where Office 365 really shines is the accessibility from all devices at all times. With an Office 365 email solution, your emails, calendars, and contact information are synced across your devices in real time. They’ll all be up-to-date, regardless of which device is on your desk or in your hand.

Companies who rely on their calendars for scheduling will love the ease and simplicity with which Office 365 email keeps things together.

Settling the Score on Spam

According to a Carleton University study, the average Canadian employee (including management) spends one-third of the day reading and replying to emails, with a good chunk of that time spent sorting and deleting piles of spam.

For your IT department, dealing with mail server blacklist problems and filtering spam at the source can lead to many unproductive days at the office.

When it comes to spam and malware, Office 365 email offers industry-leading anti-spam settings and anti-virus applications to tackle these ongoing threats.

Protecting Against Advanced Threats

Malware is becoming a serious concern for any business, no matter what industry your company is in. In fact, a Stats Canada report found that 21% of Canadian businesses were impacted by a cybersecurity incident which affected their operations.

If security is a priority for your business (and it should be), you’ll want to enhance your protection levels. With Office 365’s Advanced Threat Protection, you get the additional peace of mind knowing your email, files, and online storage are protected against advanced, sophisticated attacks. Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection offers holistic protection throughout all applications in the Office suite.

You can even add an extra layer of security to your Office 365 account by setting up 2-step (or multifactor) verification.

Some fine-tuning may be required for these services, but why not have your managed service provider configure your protection settings for you?

They set it, you forget it!

What Happens During Email Outages

While shutdowns can occur with any email provider, it’s comforting to know that you can access immediate support if and when problems do arise. With the Office 365 email solution from CONNECT, you get instant network support from real, live technicians that you can connect with instantly.

There’s no waiting around or having to read the fine print.

There’s No Catch, You Say?

In case you’re wondering if all this is going to cost a bundle, don’t worry. You’ll be surprised how affordable Office 365 email can be.

You can choose the basic Outlook email package, or for a few dollars more per user month, you can get all the features of Exchange email for your small business.

Finally, email security — and cybersecurity in general — can be overwhelming for any business. Advanced Threat Protection services are also priced affordably at just over a few dollars per user per month.

Let CONNECT do the work for you so you can focus on what you do best… running your business.

CONNECT your employees by investing in CONNECT’s IT Management Services Plan. For a fixed monthly fee, we provide your office with complete end-to-end IT services, including Office 365 Email network setups and support, anti-virus management, data backup, Windows server management and more.

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