VoIP is still an acronym that’s a mystery to some companies here in Canada who insist on staying analog with their phone systems. If you’ve avoided getting into VoIP, that mysterious acronym stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol.” As technical as it sounds, it’s actually quite easy, including making your work life easier based on its technology. The reason VoIP is so much better is because it places your entire phone system into the cloud. This means your phone systems are always available, no matter where you go. However, this is just the beginning of why it’s so superior to using a standard phone line. With phone companies finding finding ways to charge you with fees or long distance charges, using a VoIP solution is going to save you money in ensuing months and years. As you expand, you also have a lot of opportunities without needing to buy extra equipment.

The Cloud as a VoIP Strong Point

The fact that your entire phone system is online can help with connectivity like you’ve never experienced before. You can have one number that connects every department rather than needing to connect multiple departments with different phone lines. Also, no wires are needed or other phone equipment necessary that can easily get in the way. Information on customers can be stored in the cloud as well so when talking to customers, every piece of data about them will be at your fingertips. The connectivity comes in being able to access your VoIP service anywhere you go. This includes calling in through your cell phone from a hotel or around the world. Customers calls can easily be routed through your smartphone so you won’t have to worry about missing a single call. You can even play back your messages wherever you have an Internet connection. More so, VoIP works like a personal secretary, which might place it the closest thing yet to artificial intelligence.

Providing Professional Features

With features like personal attendant, you can have a computer voice intelligently guide your callers to the department they want. Most professional companies have this service now, and it can be customized so it’s easy to understand, plus very organized. This includes music for those times when you need to place customers on hold. The music you choose is up to you, though it’s easy to customize so you can give some variety rather than playing the same piece over and over. Keep in mind the ability to connect all departments easily helps get a call to the right person faster without needing to hold. Along with conference calling and extensions, you never have to worry about losing a customer or missing out on connecting with a business associate right away.

Here at Okanagan Telephone, we want you to experience the benefits of VoIP for yourself to see how easy it is to set up and use. Contact us to find out more about how we can set up VoIP for you with no capital investment. We serve companies throughout British Columbia for companies large and small.

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