Why upgrading your out of date phone system is a critical business

If your company is still using the NEC SV8100 telecommunications server, you should be aware that NEC is no longer supporting the server software and hardware running on these telephone systems. The product line officially reached the end of product lifecycle on December 31, 2018.

While the phones and software will still function normally and properly, these systems are unfortunately no longer supported by NEC’s technical support. Because of this, we are unable to apply any software updates or feature enhancements to your phones. In addition, any software patches, maintenance, or parts will not be available to us.

What does this mean for our customers?

Most will want to upgrade to the SV9100 series. Many customers may not notice a difference when they upgrade, but it’s important to note that the 9100 offers many new built-in features and benefits. The 9100 series is bigger, better, and faster, and offers flexible options for enhanced productivity and business improvements.

When you upgrade, you’ll get features such as voicemail-to-email, new mobile apps, the ability to pair your desk phone to your smartphone, and the transparency of having calls appear as if they’re being initiated from your desk extension. Plus, VIP callers can be routed based on their number so they can get the care they deserve.

The 9100 series offers truly unified communications, and even includes CRM integration with popular software like Outlook, Salesforce, and Goldmine.

There are other intangible benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. With conferencing, web collaboration, and team messaging, time and travel costs can be reduced. Also, your workforce can be more productive and reachable. Finally, the business phone systems are scalable and can grow along with your company.

But What’s The Bottom Line?

What you need to know is that the biggest cost to the upgrade is the phones themselves. However, if you have 8100 series business phones, you can keep the phones! All you need to do is upgrade the server to the 9100 platform and the existing phones are fully compatible. If your phones are older than 8100, you will need to replace everything.

We understand that upgrading and hardware and licensing can be expensive. That’s why we’re offering all CONNECT customers special financing for new Telecom purchases. With

$0 down, you can upgrade with our Lease-To-Own program. After 36 small monthly payments you will own the hardware with only a $1 buyout at the end!

CONNECT offers the broadest range of business phone systems in the Okanagan. Building on our 30+ years of telecom expertise, we are the only company offering phone systems for every business need: traditional phone systems, digital, VOIP, and hybrid systems. Each type of phone system has its advantages, and we have the unique flexibility to install and maintain the best fit for your business.

CONNECT offers flexible telephone system installation and support services, whether it’s outfitting a new business with a complete phone system or adding single units to existing systems.

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