network cabling installation

Network Cabling

Let CONNECT handle all your network cabling needs: installations, equipment upgrades, repairs, and more!

Your computer network is only as good as the physical network cabling. Regardless of whether the network is wired or wireless, we cannot overstate the importance of professionally installed network cabling.

With CONNECT’s extensive experience in running 1000s of feet of ethernet cable (literally), across 100s of installations, our team of network experts can ensure your installation goes smoothly. 

Knowing the location and specification of devices that make up your network including computers, servers, network attached storage (NAS), modems, wireless routers, camera security systems, video storage servers, building access control systems, etc., all go into the planning of your building or office cabling. Power over Ethernet (PoE and PoE+) can simultaneously deliver data and power up to 30W to devices on the network.