Time to Upgrade Your Business Phone System?

VoIP Phones are all the rage these days, but are they the best choice for your company?

When first introduced, VoIP revolutionized communications by giving tech-savvy businesses an affordable alternative to telco-provided voice calls. In the early days of the Internet, VoIP solved the very specific problem of expensive long-distance calls, but it was not a practical, business-friendly solution. Early adopters of VoIP technology had to configure their own equipment and live with variable call quality. Additionally, many businesses had to retain their more expensive landline in order to connect with customers who were not VoIP savvy.

The Evolution of Small Business Phone Systems

Much has changed since companies first used VoIP technology to save money. You can still configure VoIP on your own to get voice calls on-the-cheap, but today’s savings are quite a bit smaller because the whole industry has moved to more cost-effective digital technologies.

Today, VoIP is an enabling technology rather than a solution in and of itself. So, the better question is, “what can VoIP add to my business phone system?” VoIP phones, such as the IP version of the NEC SV9100, solve complex business challenges with cool digital features. But if your business does not have any challenges or unique needs, then a regular digital phone might be your best option.

Business VoIP to Increase Customer Satisfaction

VoIP can do things like real-time video and interactive web conferences, but unless it addresses a real-world problem the cool features just get in the way. One real-world problem we often see in the Okanagan Valley is providing consistent customer support through multiple company locations. With CONNECT’s telephone systems, we can easily create a system that seamlessly coordinates offices in Penticton, Kamloops, Kelowna, and Vernon giving customers the convenience of one number and employees the power to instantly access the entire company’s knowledge-base.

Some businesses in the Okanagan need to be highly mobile, especially during the busy summer months, and in those situations CONNECT provides cost-effective, Hosted VoIP PBX solutions for on-the-go employees and remote office integration.



  • Advanced solution for numerous complex business needs
  • Replacement for other business solutions like video conferencing
  • Seamless communication connection between multiple remote locations


  • Its many features, if not needed, can be a distraction or nuisance
  • A landline may be required in the event the Internet goes down

CONNECT provides VoIP phones, regular digital phones, or hybrids to streamline your business operations. To learn more about VoIP and find out if VoIP-enabled products are right for your business, contact our team at 1-855-804-9636.

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