That feeling when your data backups are taken care of

Let’s face it: backing up your computer or your data is boring. There’s no way around it. But data is one of your business’s greatest assets, and if it gets lost the ramifications can be disastrous.

Losing access to an employee’s Word document or Excel spreadsheet might not be much more than an annoyance, but imagine if one of your critical servers goes down and you don’t have it backed up. How much would it cost your business for an hour of downtime — or worse, a day or more?

Another thing to consider, your data doesn’t only live on workstations and servers. It can be anywhere: an old USB stick, the cloud, that external drive sitting in the corner (you know the one). There’s a good chance those old devices contain some of your data backups as well.

No Drama Is a Good Thing

Any data you have that isn’t backed up somewhere is like a ticking time bomb. Exciting, right? It’s certainly not dull, but when it comes to data security, boring is much better than exciting.

Hardware doesn’t last forever, and will eventually fail. Even cloud storage services aren’t foolproof, just ask any company who somehow lost access to Dropbox, iCloud Drive or another commercial service.

The good news is, data backup options are super simple. If you treat it like your personal hygiene — think brushing your teeth, something you do every day — your business can prevent headaches down the road.

How And Why To Avoid Backup Drama

Here’s even better news: you can offload those tedious backup responsibilities to the experts. Why not have a managed IT services company do everything for you?

Remember, backups are boring. A survey of 100 IT people revealed that they’d rather fill in complex tax returns than spend time doing data backups. OK, we made that up, but it’s probably true. The point is, anyone responsible for IT has too much on his or her plate to be thinking about backups.

That’s why the peace of mind you gain from going through an expert like CONNECT is the right solution today. The benefits are numerous. Here are just a few:

  • Your IT staff has more time to work on critical IT functions
  • Your monthly IT costs are fixed and predictable
  • The backup technology is future-proof
  • You can recover quickly in the event of a data loss or breach
  • You’ll be more compliant with your industry’s regulations
  • No more relying on old hard drives or USB sticks!

How CONNECT Does Backup Right

CONNECT stores all customer backup data on Canadian servers — a big deal for companies with serious concerns about privacy. Not only that, all of this data is backed up every night to our secure Canadian datacentre. We also offer backup options for Office 365 email and for individual computers.

We’re here for all your disaster recovery (DR) needs as well, in case of fire, theft, or flood.

If you’re responsible for IT, who would you rather be? The one who thinks about backups before bed and falls asleep because it’s so boring and because their backups are taken care of by a managed services provider? Or the one who thinks about backups before bed and can’t sleep because their data is not being backed up?

If you want to be the former, call CONNECT today and we’ll protect your data 24/7.

Even while you sleep.

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