Recording Telephone Calls is typically something that is thought to only be done by “Big Business”. While this is certainly true we are also seeing a growing trend for more and more small-medium sized businesses putting recording systems in place.

Business reasons

More and more organizations are having their in and out phone conversations recorded. They do it for the following reasons:

  • Customer Satisfaction – You surely know how frustrating it is to fall on incompetent staff each time you phone a service company for assistance. With better CRM (Customer Relationship Management), this can be drastically changed, and VoIP call recording helps a lot in it. When an organization records phone calls, it can increase customer satisfaction by making follow up of calls from customer and hence ensuring sustainable assistance.
  • Employee Evaluation and Training – Recorded calls allow management to assess employees and subsequently bring changes or upgrades if necessary. Recorded calls from good employees can also serve during the training of new employees, for example when training new telemarketing officers in call-centers.
  • Security – Many security breaches in companies are found in phone conversations whereby confidential information is disseminated outside, both intentionally and unintentionally. Call recording tracks these down.
  • Legal – Many companies face arbitration following conflicts with customer or employees. Call recording helps in fact-finding and in verifying contractual compliance. The good news is that there are now affordable recording options for any size of business if you have the need or requirement. Okanagan Telephone offers options ranging from a single port desktop device that will record to a local pc via USB, to a full server application to record all company calls and provide extensive reportiong options.
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