CCTV installation can be a challenge, so why not leave it to the experts?


If you’re a small business in the Okanagan that needs to install a video surveillance or security system, there’s a good chance you’ve scoped out the various Internet-based systems that you can buy around town. For most small to medium-sized businesses, the most popular systems for business security surveillance are the HD IP NVR systems. For more information about these solutions, check our detailed rundown here.

These CCTV installation systems are high definition Internet-based cameras and network video recorders. The NVRs, or network video recorders, encode and process video right from the camera and stream the data to the NVR recorder to store the video feeds.

There are many options, and they can even be purchased at Costco or Amazon.

The two main applications for these systems are security and surveillance of your business and/or your employees. Depending on your needs, you may want to monitor only certain areas in and around your business; in the case of a hotel or manufacturing businesses, you may want to have eyes in as many places as possible for purposes such as insurance and liability.

The old adage still applies: You get what you pay for

For example, you can go to Costco and buy a system that comes with four cameras and some wires for 400 dollars, and while it may work for a home system it won’t be sufficient for a business.

For your business, you’re probably looking for a camera with the clarity and the zoom capability to provide an ideal “picture” of what you’re looking for. Say you need enough zoom to identify a license plate —if you don’t have the right camera, the pixel count is simply not there, and it’s like trying to find your contact lens on a glass floor.

Another factor to consider is the amount of recording space available on the network recording device. At the low end, you may only get 20 minutes of storage! Most small to medium-sized businesses here in the Okanagan will want a system that boasts 30 days’ worth of recordings.

Before committing to doing it yourself, however, you need to understand what is involved in the set up and installation of these systems.

More Than Meets The Eye

Not only do you need the right equipment for your specific business, but you’ll have to plan where the cameras go, wire the system, install the devices on your network (and do so securely), and even train your staff or whoever will be using the system. Many of these Internet-based systems have cool apps and mobile functionality, and although they’re not difficult to use there’s still a learning curve.

Add up all these variables and the process can be costly. There’s more time, effort, and resources that should go into it than you may think.

You need to ask one important question: is your time better spent running your business? If the answer is yes, CONNECT has the solution.

CONNECT will provide the hardware, the planning, the installation, wiring, testing, and even training. All this for one fixed fee. No monthly maintenance costs, no surprises.

Leave The Hassle To Us

We’ll take the time to sit down with you, go over all of your requirements, and come up with a plan that’s both cost-effective and optimal for your business operations.

Depending on the size and scope of your business, this service may not be for you. DIY may be the right way to go for some companies. As long as you do your homework and understand exactly what your needs are, you’ll know what option is best for your company.

As a fully certified partner for many CCTV installation solutions, CONNECT is fully focused on helping you keep your business secure 24/7.

CONNECT with us today for your free security consultation!

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