Wireless headsets have been a big help to many companies who need to have their phone operators be able to move around without the limitations of wires. Wireless headsets are quickly becoming a standard add-on to any office worker who spends even an hour a day on the phone. Here at Okanagan Telephone, we’ve expanded our focus beyond telephone systems to become a full service IT solutions business that offers wireless accessories as just one service. We believe in quality for your company’s headsets, so it’s why we offer one of the best headset brands around: Plantronics.

What are some of the features you’ll be able to enjoy when you switch over to using headsets in your company?

Less Fatigue

Believe it or not holding or cradling a telephone handset for hours a day will cause fatigue. On top of this it can simply be unhealthy. Why not be proactive in your approach to employee health and gain some significant productivity at the same time?

Extensive Range

You’re will be amazed at how far you can go with a Plantronics headset. With several different versions to choose from, all of them have a range of up to 350 feet. This means you can even conceivably go outside and still be within a designated range for customer calls. This can enable your employees to talk to anybody while they’re on the go around your premises. It especially helps when they need to go ask someone about something in another department or look up information without having to put a person on hold. This can and will eleiminate the hassles of putting a call on hold when needing to go and scan a document for example.

Transfer Audio to Mobile Phone

If you have to leave the office, the Plantronics headsets can easily transfer the call right over to your smartphone without needing to hang up. That’s going to be extremely helpful when you’re on the go, yet don’t want to miss a customer call or important business deal. While we don’t encourage driving while talking on your cell phone, you can at least leave the building and never having to worry about asking a customer to call back or vice versa.

Connecting for Conferences

With three additional headsets, you can hold conference calls with multiple people during those times when you can’t meet in person. Imagine being able to move around and go outside the building while still conferring with your business associates about an important business idea or plan. It works so simply while also not being anywhere near as complicated as it would be doing a video conference.

High-Definition Audio

When you use a headset, the quality of the audio is going to matter as much as the comfort level. While we can assure you Plantronics headsets are light and comfortable on your head, the sound is high-definition, no matter how far you go in the range level. Using state-of-the-art technology, you’re guaranteed that every call you take will be loud and clear without any audio cutouts.

Contact us here at Okanagan Telephone to find out more aboutour Plantronics headsets and how we can provide these for you in addition to our VoIP service. Combined with VoIP, you’ll have a much more efficient communications system for your business.

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