Almost 50 years ago, the highlights of visiting the science museum were playing tic-tac-toe against a machine and the prediction that in the future we would be able to see who we were talking to on the telephone. We went on with our lives and wondered if we would really ever “see” that day.

Those exhibits are long gone and didn’t even conceive of something called the Internet or e-mail or computers that would do far more than play tic-tac-toe. Now, the museum has exciting interactive exhibits. Well, we have reached the 21st century and indeed we can see who we are calling on media of different sizes: desktop computers, laptops, and mobile smart phones. We can do this with anyone in the world who has similar equipment. We can send electronic mail to people all over the world in seconds and receive an almost instant reply. Files can be sent that don’t need to be printed to be included in a report or newspaper. Since, we can do all this on multiple devices, working remotely has become more possible.

While, all of this sounds grand, it has created a need to manage and monitor all the data and communications. In order to enable employees to work remotely, files have to be easily accessible to that employee so he or she doesn’t have to carry piles of paper with them. They may send a file to the boss, who may make some edits and send it back. The employee can access the changes without having to type it over again. While the recent developments in “hosted cloud services” has helped, the need to unify all of a business’ communications has, as Samsung says, “the next best thing is here.” Now, businesses can integrate both services.

Zultys Telephones has been a long-time provider of all-in-one phone unified communications through its Internet Protocol phone systems that incorporate voice, video, data and mobility. This can be done through equipment on site or hosted in the cloud. Either way, it greatly benefits business collaboration.

In the last few weeks, Zultys has introduced a brand new product: adding the MX-SE™ to their powerful MX series of SIP-based IP telephone systems. The highlights of the new release:

  • High quality VoIP, contact center, conferencing and Unified Communications (UC) on one platform
  • Integrated voice, fax, voice mail, presence, instant messaging, automatic call recording and Zultys Mobile Communicator™ for iPhone and Android
  • UC desktop client, MXconference™ features built-in conferencing bridge, integration with Microsoft Exchange, Salesforce.com, and other CRM systems, and Zultys comprehensive contact center solution.
  • Scale Seamlessly: A business-wide MXnetwork™ can utilize any number of devices up to 128 locations and 10,000 employee
  • Work Anywhere. Work Everywhere: Because it is one communication system, employees can login from anywhere and access all features
  • Manage Your Phone System Your Way: With MX Administrator™ the system can be configured and monitored even remotely – and safely.

Sandra Gustavsen, writes in an article, The Hybrid Cloud Opportunity, at telecomreseller.com, says there are great choices now for companies who are deciding whether to use cloud based solutions for telephony or unified communications to replace old equipment. Zultys is among six companies she recommends.

“It’s an exciting time in the business telephony and UC market as we witness the shift toward subscription-based hosted/cloud services for telephony and UC,” she writes. “In this transitional period, subscribing to hosted/cloud services for some applications and using on-site solutions for others is a win-win for businesses and for the vendors that serve them. A vendor that offers both hosted and on-premises options will have a solution to meet any requirement.” We at Okanagan Phone Company, with offices in Kelowna, Penticton, Kamloops, Penticton, Vernon and British Columbia (BC), are your one-stop for IT and phone solutions. We work with Zulty’s unified communications products, if you would like more information contact us.

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